The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Sarah-Louise Isom

Nominated by Amber Nicoll
April 25, 2020
Sarah-Louise is one of the most inspirational people I know. She goes above and beyond! She has helped raise 1000's of pounds for charities, especially cancer research. Sarah sings at 100's of charity events, she always has fund raising buckets at all her stools and events. Sarah even wrote a song especially to raise money for cancer research. She put it on her mini vibes album and every album she sells money is donated to charity. She recently held an 'at home lockdown concert' that went out live on facebook and Instagram to raise money for one of her friends who has cancer and needed to pay for treatment- on this event alone she raise over £3000. But like I said she is constantly raising money for charity and has raised £16,000 since the beginning of 2019. Sarah-Louise enjoys fitness and would normally run about 3miles but she signed up to run 13.1 at the Colchester half marathon this year and was training hard for it, obviously the event was cancelled due to the croana virus, but her commitment to her training was spot on. During lockdown she has set up a FREE group on Facebook for the children who normally come to her sing and play parent and child group called mini vibes. This is one of the ways she earns money herself usually but during lockdown will not. She does live sessions with the children, singing songs and reading stories to name a few. On Thursday she was out on her front lawn singing for the NHS after the 8o'clock applause. Sarah is a small business owner, a singer song writer and a mother of a teenager. She works extremely hard in every area of her life and doesn't always get out what she puts in, but that doesn't slow her down or stop her. On top of that Sarah manages to be an amazing friend to so many people. She has no idea how amazing she is and I would love for her to have some recognition. There is probably so much more Sarah-Louise has done for charity and more but it's too much for me to keep up with.