The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Sandra Klein

Nominated by Erin Nelson
December 24, 2017
First she is an amazing nurse and one of few that is also a medical technologist. She serves Phoenix Childrens Hospital, She also works AirEvac Helicopters, She flies with the Jerry Flights and flying hospitals and works with children needing transplants. She teaches new recruits and student nurses. Sometimes her shifts can last 96 hours or more, and its totally common for her to pull 24-36 hrs When she is not doing that she is volunteering on search and rescue. Last year things turned south for my father and I, she did not know us, had never met us, first she put us up in her back yard, enclosing her patio and turning into a space for us with furniture and heaters. When her lease was up, she let her two bedroom house go and got a 3 bedroom den so that she could bring us inside. My father had a stroke, then we found out he has cancer, He had brain surgery recently and is now in home hospice care In Sandras home. She takes recuse animals into her heart and has now taken us in also, since bringing us in, she has brought two others into her home, one of them a total stranger also. My father is alive because of her. There is nothing I can ever do to repay her kindness even in part. She is AMAZING kind caring and totally Awesome.