The Awesome Awards - Nominations


Nominated by Tracy Lamourie
May 20, 2020
Born in Oklahoma, now based in Waterdown - Singer / songwriter SINCLAIR is new to audiences, but she's been writing music for a lifetime - and with her absolutely stunning voice, incredible range and lyrics that make you sit up and take notice, this incredible new artist is getting the attention of some big industry names stateside. Goodnight Goodnight and Sundial are early standouts! If you get the chance to see this incredible performer, don't miss it!! More about Sinclair : Elizabeth Saucier was born and bred in Oklahoma into a family where movies and music weren't allowed. When asked about her musical influences, she pauses and then says that she didn't really have any.. as a young girl she says, she "sang to fill the silence", and adds that she has always loved "the language of music." Those words are as touching and expressive as her soulful voice and the very compelling original songs she composes and performs.