The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Ryan Keller

Nominated by Maura Keller
February 23, 2019
It is my great pleasure to nominate 15-year-old Ryan Keller of Plymouth, Minnesota and program manager of the 501c3 nonprofit literacy organization, Read Indeed, as a potential recipient of the Awesome Award. Ryan Keller truly shines. Beginning a young age, Ryan nurtured his passion for helping others in very unique ways. It is through his unending quest to address the literacy issue facing our nation—by working alongside his sister, Maria, who founded the organization—setting a goal of collecting and distributing books to children in need that exudes his unending commitment to helping others. As program manager of Read Indeed, a 501c3 nonprofit, Ryan has spent the last 10 years using his exceptional organizational skills, love of reading, and tenacity, to create and organize a successful nonprofit serving the impoverished youth of our nation. His leadership and commitment to accomplishing his set tasks is outstanding for his age. Ryan is a remarkable young man who works everyday to help those who are less fortunate than himself. I would highly recommend you take a look at the website Read Indeed, Ryan is an articulate, passionate young man who wants to do what he can to make an impact on the lives of children in our nation and our world. He is gaining the attention of many people who are inspired that young people can make such an impact. As Ryan likes to say, "You are never too young or too old to make a difference." I believe Ryan would be an exceptional recipient of this award. He is truly a humble, inspiring, and phenomenal young man who has impacted countless lives in his efforts. Thank you for your consideration.