The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Rosemary Mupambwa

Nominated by Tracy Lamourie
November 21, 2020
Rosemary Mupambwa - relationship coach and life coach and the author of this very powerful book EXHUME OR HEAL - A WIDOW'S MEMOIR "Exhume or Heal: A Widow’s Memoir is a book about a widow’s journey from the time she lost her husband until when she found healing, love, and transformation.The author, a widow herself, lost her husband in July of 2000 and was left with three children, the youngest was five. All that Rosemary Mupambwa saw in front of her was black. Widowhood had a colour, and it was black. ... horrifying pain, sorrow, shattering loneliness, insurmountable grief, worry, rejection, betrayal, and hardship. The author takes you from when she bonded with her widowhood baggage; how this kept her stuck and shackled in her brokenness. The author shows that crying about the pain and loss without taking action to heal, is self-destructive behaviour. The book goes over different healing therapies the reader can easily try out. Readers learn how to forgive the past and let go of the brokenness and bitterness. Healing and Forgiveness are continuous processes. They are never quick fixes. Rosemary picked up the pieces of what was left and transformed her life. This book prepares you to get back into the dating scene again. It teaches you techniques for dating smart and becoming a love magnet. This is a must-read book, as it addresses several obstacles faced by a widow and how to overcome them. In the end, you will come out a reinvented and stronger woman, ready to start over again."