The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Rose Geisler Moretimer

Nominated by Wanda Bury
February 06, 2018
Rose is awesome because she takes care of everyone . Rose has custody of two of her grandchildren .Rose also has custody of a girl name Jazmine . Rose took Jazmine in when Jazmine stayed the night at Rose's home and Jazmine's mother never return to get her . She has open her home to her son ,her son's girlfriend ,their five year old daughter ,their one year old and their newborn. She has also has opened her door to her daughter and her daughter's son . Rose has allowed her sister to stay with her as well . So I think Rose and her husband William are awesome because they open their door to anyone in need . They take care of everyone while sick and in pain. 12 people recent in a 4br 2ba I think that is awesome for her to open her home .