The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Richard El Asmar

Nominated by tracy lamourie
November 22, 2020
Richard El Asmar is a Canadian Christian Filmmaker from Lebanese origins. He was recently profiled for an upcoming article in the Authority Magazine series, Meet the Rising Stars of Film. As a Director, Photographer and Filmmaker with 15 years of experience, Richard believes that his heart’s experiences will end up somehow being projected in his movies…His latest, Utopic Strokes, is an improvised documentary that started without a specific goal beside the passion of filming interesting subjects with a DSLR camera. “In the case of Utopic Strokes, the peace of Christ is the main experience that I am spontaneously sharing with the audience. I strongly believe that without that peace specifically, in the hearts of people, the Israeli - Palestinian conflict mentioned in the film, will never be resolved permanently.”In the opening scene, he points out, “The cross of the church can only be seen clearly (without fog) by the owner of the garden and not by the visitor (the host), as if to emphasize on the deep spiritual meaning of the cross from which peace will emanate for the rest of the film through the perspective of the filmmaker who has the peace of a Christ in him…”As the filming went forward, Richard says he started building up the storyline and ended up “preaching a message of peace that turns around the making of a pot, which implicitly reminds us of God’s creation in Genesis…”However, he says, “ through that pot, it’s not a human being that is being created, but a new peaceful and compassionate world, as we see in the last scene… “ His video reels are on his website :