The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Rich Cruse

Nominated by Alex Bryant
October 20, 2017
Rich is a phenomenal human being! He has been a sports photographer for the last 3 decades with his work been featured in global magazines and recognized by countless high profile people. However, his generous and selfless heart has captivated hundreds of lives as he always finds ways to give back to his local community in North San Diego County. Rich donates his photography skills to non-profits including: Stand Up To Cancer, March of Dimes, Challenged Athletes Foundations as well as others. Rich has also used his social media outreach which has raised over $19,000 in the past 4 years to purchase blankets for the Alpha Project to provide blankets to the homeless in San Diego, CA. He inspires many from all walks of life including myself to live intentionally and authentically. Find out more about Rich Cruse and his incredible photography at: He’s an ordinary person who serves his life to make this world a better place!