The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Olfa ghazwl

Nominated by Natasha
June 25, 2019
Iv been in hospital 5 years and she Olfa got me out and has looked after me for 2 years I could not even go shopping as scared to go out and of people. She took me out brushed my hair put me on a diet and I lost 11 stone as I gained so much in the priory living on heavy meals no exercise. She even got me on a public service course that I have now just finished 2 years and got my diploma yes she had to take me for the first 6 months but after that I went by myself iv now completed it I can shop by myself make friends o still live in supported living with her and she now has 3 other girls she is getting into part time work who have come from secure hospital who had no ware to go. They are now working part time in marks and Spencer’s and actually going yes they need dropping off and picking up still but there doing it all thanks to Olfa and her amazing skills. If we didn’t get saved by her we would be locked in hospital and no life. I get to see my child every day and even working towards her moving on a flat with me and Olfa doing floating support once I get a flat my hole life has changed thanks to this amazing women . She deserves to be recognised for the 14 hour shifts she does sometimes even putting us to bed when we struggle or have a bad day. She is always there and works weekends if we need her taking us for meals or walks to the ducks please please recognise her effort