The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Nickita Starck

Nominated by Sophie Dee
June 23, 2021
Nickita started the company 'When Push Comes To Shove' with the aim to fix a broken maternity system by giving the power to the women! She has developed an access fund so low income families can access the best maternity education. She works hours on end for free helping women with the rights in childbirth so they can have a empowered birth. She trains birth practitioners on birth physiology, has an online birth workshop, fights for women who experience trauma and also produces free youtube content and podcasts. Not only that, she is a singer / songwriter and wrote a song 'Breathe Again' to help spread the word of informed consent and autonomy in childbirth. She also wants to raise the money needed to get independent midwives back to work since they lost their insurance. She was featured on sky news and is asked to speak at dozens of natural living conferences . She was also nominated for an EBE award for outstanding service to women. This girl needs a medal! She has a baby herself and manages to put in 16 hours a day to help as many women as possible navigate a very uncompromising maternity system.