The Awesome Awards - Nominations


Nominated by Amy
April 05, 2020
I have the most awesome boyfriend in the entire world and soon to be husband! This man has spent the most longest a year and some days of my entire life away from me! Not because he wanted to by all means but he felt obligated to do what he needed to do to save his relationship with me. He told me Amy I'm tired of seeing you hurt and cry all the time in tired of the way people treat you when you haven't harmed anyone I feel responsible for what is going on so let me handle things the best way I see fit and you dont indulge in any bull shit! All because of the man I love this past october 2018 and January and February 2019 were just a few runends we have had with a crazy psychotic x girlfriend but those particular months I was jumped and beat by this girl the day she got out of jail from robbing the dollar general then January I was jumped by her and another girl I was beat in my face over 25 times with a belt with metal tip and a torch with butane beat in my head and my neck crunched down into my shoulders while I was screaming for help noone at the gas station would call police it was a set up when I thought I was fixing to die I attacked both of them and started screaming at the girl my boyfriend Neil GREEN jumpedbout the car and came around and started beating this girl in the face while I was asking for someone to call police the girl behind the counter rolled her eyes and threw a phone at me then February I was at gas station when she waas hiding behind someone and when I went to leave she hit me upside my heaf as hard as she could and then the lady with her said you gona learn one day...anyways he has had to be around all of these people acting like he was happy and having fun but down inside it was killing him to listen to all the hateful hurtful just plain evil that people have done in the past we needed answers to to just since the x girlfriend got out of jail situations but while I tried to tell them is Neil really y'alls friend or your enemy? They think I'm crazy well I am for my mine that GOD chose just for me we first met when we were 6 and 8yrs old then again Jr high sweethearts 14 and 16 yrs old to growning up knowing each other but as friends only to 2018 were we know without a shadow of doubt that GOD chose us to be together for ever Neil nakia green is my god sent angel my soulmate my anchor my rock my reason I'm alive the reason I breathe my AMERIahKING my 1 and only 1 true love and love of a lifetime my knight and shining armour my protector my EVERYTHING...i could go on and on but we have been robbed over 500 text messages to Facebook being threatened harrassex made fun of been tortured by the x and her friends and still have to watch my back at all times because she is still running from the law but what God has joinex together can NO man seperate us. God is good and I thank him each and everyday for sending Neil into my life no one has ever gone and done the tings he has done for me to make sure I jave been safe and secure at all times even though it has stressed me out to I have no hair to depression anxiety nerves just having he'll while I keep telling him I'm not that strong but we are both ready to ne able to sit back and finally enjoy our lives that God has extended for us to have together no matter what