The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Nadia Addesi

Nominated by Elizabeth Addesi
March 14, 2018
My sisters name is Nadia Addesi and she is the owner of YOU RUN LIKE A GIRL. Instagram: website: She is 24 years old and from Toronto, Canada and she started this project 8 months ago, and it has grown rapidly ever since, we gave gained over 50,000 followers. She shares stories and pictures of women from around the world in hopes to connect, inspire and empower other women. What makes her different is the ways in which she expresses the stories on social media. They are refreshing because they are real. From a burn survivor, to a Special Olympics champion, to women battling cancer or leaving abusive relationships, the series taps into a deeper side of social media that young women don’t swipe past on their explore pages every day. Nadia has been on a mission to show every girl that their voice can change the world. She envisions a world where woman use their voices to fight for equality and fight past the stigma. I want to nominate her because I feel like she is truly making a difference in so many peoples lives. Here is an article that goes deeper into what she does : Thank you for your time,