The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Ms. Kelsey Thomas

Nominated by Brooke H.
January 06, 2019
Ms.Thomas is an awesome teacher because during my Junior Year of Highschool, she was my 1st period Algebra 2 teacher (ECE) and on some of the things we were learning ( each person was going at their own pace in order to make sure that we understood what we were learning about) I didn’t understand, and that kind of got me frustrated ... and another reason why Ms.Thomas is an awesome teacher... is not only that she made our class fun.. she also teaches ECE(Kids who have learning challenges... like some people have harder trouble with math then other people do. Also she came to my Choir Concert and she was one of the chaperones at Junior Prom.. and while I was at Junior Prom, I got a picture of just me and her(Ms.Thomas)