The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Mrs Neka Udezue

Nominated by Prince Chuks
April 27, 2021
I am a Nigerian, I was living in Dubai throughout the Covid 19 period, when airports opened and international travel resumed, I decided to come back to Nigeria, then start my career in Banking and finance. Owing to the fact that I don't have connections or know a lot of people, I was just online, applying, searching and trying so hard to get a job in any financial institution, to enable me use my excellent skills in Banking/Finance productively. While searching, I came across Mrs Udezue's contact online, then I called her. To be honest, she answered me with so much care and concern, and I was so surprised because I have never experienced such, I explained my situation to her, and she requested for my CV. I sent my CV to her with a research of mine focused on banking practices, in less than a month, she recommended me for a job in a financial institution. This woman is extremely Kind. Her kindness led me to start calling her " Mummy", because she made me feel like her biological son. She would respond to all my emails, if she misses my call, she'd call back, anytime I call her, she will tell me what she's been up to, what she's working on, if she's travelling or not, she gave me a motherly confidence, and the most shocking part, I've never met her. No one, has ever been this kind to me, especially, someone they have never met. Whether she wins or not, I just want the world to know that Mrs Neka Udezue touched my life, and I know she has touched so many others. I appreciate that level of kindness, it's RARE, and I believe that one day, I will make her very proud. Truly, good people exist, and she is one of them.