The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Michelle Dawn Cooke

Nominated by Louise Parry
February 10, 2019
Ive been Friends with Michelle since we were 12 . We met at a time we were both going through hell & we both went through the care system. Throuought the years we kept in touch and shes bern through so much. Bringing ip 3 beautiful children. Her youngest is Autistic. Her daughter has two children with hearing problems, her family lean on her for support. Her mum has suffered ill health, Michelle loves her Nanna and fors all she can for hertirelesdly supportinggher sister , & her younger brother . Unfortunatly after her marriage broke down Michelle moved in and now lives withher younger not only supporting her own children, and Granchildren , but helping her brother to bring up his children. Michelle teaches at an all girls school, shes an English teacher , which makes me chuckle as I know the mischeif we got up to at school. Shes not just a teacher dhes a friend to her pupils& every day she goes above and beyond in her job. Shes well loved & respected , my own son who is 15 and facing hos exams this year has had so much support from her. Michelle never stops trying to makd the world around her a brighter place gor others. Sadly , she was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in 2011 which in her own stubborn way she fought , so many complications threw themselves in her path, but she just kept gojng. A you ng woman who slresdy had been through more than most people have to cope with in a life time. Surgery after surgery & all the timd working & supporting everyone rlse. Its humbling how apologetic she is for the inconvenience her cancer causes other people. She has been used, hurt, let down & abused but she still gets up everyday & tries to make life bettef for others. After the 1st cancer , you would tjhink God, the universe or whoever had tested her enough ! But !! No once again she after a year of pain an agony whilst still trying to work , she was diagnosed with Bowrl Cancer, 2018 the Doctors had let her suffer for a year she was being sick constantly, could eat nothing & rolling around in agony Michelle , well again she gets on with it . Even though shd is exhausted she still cooks Christmas Dinner for the family & 12 weeks after massive surgery she is bavk in school with her Girls . She has a Stoma bag and at 48 that in itself is devastating. To make matters worse her bowel is twisted & if its blocked she is in so much pain & if it doesnt unblock itself she faces more hospital time She told me she thinks the cancer is just waiting now , like a black blob hiding inside her waiting until she is a little happy & then it will strike again!! I believe Michelle my dearest friend who I havent supported very well throuought this deserves some recognition for the Beauty & Happiness she brings into everyones life who she meets. She has faced do much adversity all her life but throughout it she keeps punching on through ! She is the most awesome awe inspiring person I have ever met and its a privilage to call her friend & Wifey !!!