The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Miah Moore

Nominated by Tia Perkins
February 09, 2019
I believe my brother Miah deserves this award because from the age of 1 years old he has experienced trauma after trauma after trauma. He was born with a hole in his heart, chiari malformation and further diagnosis which were found later on in his age. He is now 5 years old, at the age of 1 he permanently had a feeding tube through his nose but due to constantly pulling it out and ending up in A&E it got removed and transferred as a peg in his stomach which he still has now. At 5 years old he is still on jar food and is unable to chew 'proper' food. He is under 9 consultants. He has had 4 operations one of which was emergency in November 2018. He had a cyst at the back of his throat since he was 2 but we did not know about it until last year just before he turned 5, although it has now been removed. In October 2018 he had planned brain decompression surgery at John Radcliffe Hospital where he stayed for a week, the surgery seemed to be a success however 4 weeks later, he became unresponsive and lethargic which resulted in an ambulance been called and going straight to resuscitation at the children's hospital. A scan showed that he fluid building up over half of his brain and had to have emergency surgery to put a shunt in which will now be there permanently as he has developed Hydrocephalus which if not treated would've caused brain damage. Half of his hair also got shaved off during the surgery which was not expected. Due to all the hospital visits and operations he doesn't like any body too close to him as he feels that they are going to hurt him, he also freaks out if you mention doctors/hospitals. Despite everything he has been through he is very very loving, caring, intelligent, happy, strong and overly brave. He knows all the doctors equipment and knows the procedure of it before the doctors/nurses even have to tell him what to do. I believe my brother deserves some form of recognition or award because he still smiles despite having two massive scars one of the back of his neck and one right beside his peg in his stomach. He has made it very clear after his last surgery that he does not want anymore operations. I no longer refer to him as Miah but instead 'my brave boy.'