The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Lorenzo Winston

Nominated by Remona Winston
August 12, 2021
He is awesome because he has just been awarded the Mister of his entire college. He was also a Freshman runner up and Mr.Sophmore. He has won numerous awards for recitation as a part of his church ministries. He is a volunteer counselor. Sunday School superintendent and Youth if the year at his local church. He has volunteered to serve the homeless during Thanksgiving and to paint houses for persons residing in Rehabilitation houses through United Way. He works hard to recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans and cardboard. He is an orientation leader and Ambassador at the college where he attends. He has been the recipient of the Footlocker scholarship and League of leaders scholarship and academic scholarships. He is always willing to mentor other students and to assist in any way he can. He is already exploring that he will give back to his community up in graduation. He helps to care for animals at a local shelter during Happy hour. These are a few of the reasons why he us awesome.