The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Liz dobson

Nominated by Lauren Rooney
October 07, 2021
My Brother has been mentally ill for 8 years nowbuthasnt received any treatment, he is pver 18 and doesnt think theres anything qro g with him so its hard to get him to go see anyone. He hears voices is paranoid and regularly lashes out at my mum (liz). She tried to support him the best she can resulting is strains on her marriage and i can now see that over time it has ages her alot and is now making her ill. My brother has been on the syreets gone missing out of town for months on end but she still gets on with her job, looks after me and her grandson and tries her best to support my brother. Unfortunately things are getting worse with my brother who is still untreated and id jist like my mum to know allher efforts arent going un noticed,i cant imagine what she must be feeling and going through woth her only son suffereing severe mental health and her being powerless.