The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Julia and Emma Mogus

Nominated by Alicia
December 26, 2013
Teen sisters, Julia (16 years old) and Emma Mogus (15 years old), have worked tirelessly since 2011, collecting, sorting, recording and boxing books for children and teens living in remote and isolated communities in Canada.  The sisters founded an organization called, 'Books With No Bounds' and to date have donated over 33,000 books, 1000's of crafts and school supplies, a brand new iPad and more...  to First Nation communities across Ontario and Manitoba.  

Julia and Emma recently sent shipment of books to orphanages in Uganda and Ghana, and most recently donated books to the Red Cross during the Holiday Season to local warming shelters in Toronto for families affected by the recent ice-storm.  As active volunteers in their community, the pair have raised thousands of dollars for other charities and will be spending their NEW YEARS day, jumping into icy waters of Lake Ontario, to raise money for World Vision Canada, for the second year in a row.  

Julia and Emma believe every child deserves access to good books, regardless of where they live and by providing the books to Canada's most remote communities,  Aboriginal children and teens in Canada will have the tools necessary for literacy and education success.  The sisters work in their parents basement after schools and on the weekends; having already contributed over 2000 hours each to their charity.  
Julia and Emma Mogus are truly AWESOME and their photos speak volumes of their work!