The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Juan Carlos Montes de oca

Nominated by Governor Doug Ducey
March 08, 2018
Homeless Veterans Are Very Near To Our Heart As Americans. Juan Carlos Montes de Oca knows firsthand. A cosmetology student from Tucson, Montes de Oca felt inspired when he heard about a barber in London who donated haircuts to the homeless on his days off. So he decided to do the same for homeless veterans in Arizona. He did this free of charge, of course, to give the veterans a better appearance and a more positive outlook when applying for jobs. “Out of the kindness of my heart,” he told a reporter. “Out of the memory of my mom, because she lost her hair.” He gave them more than a haircut—he gave them the confidence to apply for jobs, to interview with potential employers. So when he received a letter summoning him to a hearing with the board of cosmetology, him for practicing without a license. Possibly Barring Him Forever To Become A Barber or Hairdresser. He was Crushed. He wasn’t the only one—Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey caught wind of the story and intervened on Juan Carlos’ behalf. Gov. Ducey saw a hero who is making a positive difference in the community, not a criminal—and he made sure everyone knew it. Many people have the luxury to go to a salon and get their hair styled and cut. It’s a luxury that most people enjoy doing, especially with keeping up a good appearance. However, homeless people don’t have this luxury. They don’t have the privilege to maintain their appearance. Tucson News Now Fox : When KOLD News 13 shared a story about Tucson cosmetology student Juan Carlos Montes de Oca was under investigation by the AZ State Board of Cosmetology after giving free haircuts to the homeless community. Gov. Doug Ducey took a stand and wrote a letter to the board demanding that they stop their investigation. In the letter, Ducey says that he found it “moving and inspirational” and that what Montes de Oca is doing with his efforts and talents should be encouraged and celebrated. He also said that the investigation was “outrageous.” When Montes de Oca found out about the support from Gov. Ducey, he told KOLD news, “I love that he finds my story moving and inspirational because I find him very inspiring as well,” Montes de Oca said. Having the voice of someone in an official position helps to show that Montes de Oca was not in the wrong. It shows that what he did was courageous. It’s amazing to know that Gov. Ducey truly cares about the people of Arizona and will help them when they need it. This investigation, and the support from Gov. Ducey, should help other students pursuing their careers to always believe in what they do and to continue to make a change in their community As of February 2018 the house legislature has introduced 3 Bills To Allow Students To Earn A Living g and occupation licensing has been Changed. Juan Carlos Montes De Oca Is A Cosmetology Student In Tucson Arizona and can be contacted 5202882173 Link to video :