The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Janice Akhtar

Nominated by Adam Akhtar
January 23, 2021
Hi. So I’m nominating my mum (hope this is ok). Over lockdown she has achieved AMAZING charity work for dementia Uk. Our grandad recently died of dementia. For over a year my mum has been putting a wooden market stall at the front of our house in our village. Being such a well-known and loved lady, she has made over £3000 for dementia charities!! She makes exquisite hand made gifts, foods and crafts and has done so much to raise money. She has recently just published a children’s book, and all profits are going toward raising even more money for dementia charities! She is amazing and so deserves the recognition!!! It’s truly outstanding what she has achieved and I’m sure you would agree! Please feel free to message me for more details on her continued work! Thank you!!