The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Jamie Wilson

Nominated by Ciera Wilson
September 05, 2017
My mom always knew that one day she would have her sister to raise. She and her mother arranged as much as they could for Jessica. Jessica is autistic. What my mom did not realize was how soon this would happen and what else would come. February 26, 2017 my grandma died suddenly. On this day my mother stepped up and took her baby sister in her care. Then she stepped up and took the three other children my grandmother had guardianship of. All three were special needs. Jessica 24-autistic, Shawn 16-autistic and partially deaf, Lisa 18-down's, Josh 14-delayed with psychoschematic seizures. Just 2 months before she had went through an almost 3 yr long divorce. My single mom went back to school and we happily started our lives over and then tragedy happened. She has stepped up in the bravest way possible. I just want her to know how proud I am of her. I know she is scared and worries, but she never shows it. She just repeats "we've got this, stay positive". Mom, I love you and think you are a hero.