The Awesome Awards - Nominations


Nominated by Mats Bengtsson
March 09, 2019
She is someone who always see the positives and good of others. She promotes in her instagram videos on how to maintain a positive mind? In order to help people seperate themselves away from drama and unnecessary conflicts. She creates lifequotes to help people in her Instagram and facebook. She often lend a ear and gives free advice to people and to help them. She helps her friend to do a good CV to obtain a job despite she just came out of an operation and needed rest. She donates to the homeless. She is a selfless person who cares for the society, elderly and environment. She will stand up for what's right and right the wrongs. Even with a full time work previously in an IT firm, she used her time wisely to work as a nurse and care for the elderly. She never waste time. She always come with a gift if she knows someone is sad or have a bad day with the intention to cheer the person up. She also have an @dailypositivevibe in Instagram to spread healthy quotes. She is now a freelance model and has her own e-art gallery under She is a modern day woman with a grit and a mind of positivity.