The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Geneva Sambuchino

Nominated by Chuck Sambuchino
December 21, 2017
My name is Chuck Sambuchino. I nominate my young daughter Geneva Sambuchino, whose amazing story of holiday generosity has been chronicled this week by the local Cincinnati CBS station. It's been shared hundreds of times and has even made the news in Boston, Las Vegas, Michigan, Arizona, and more. My five-year-old daughter Geneva and I have slowly collected more than 100,000 arcade tickets over the years from arcades in Cincinnati. We never spent them because she always had enough toys already and I felt she didn't need more. So she had the idea that this Christmas we would cash in all the tickets and donate the toys to kids in need. The two major arcades we frequented -- Dave & Busters and Main Event Entertainment -- were both so inspired by her idea that they DOUBLED the amount. So we spent 200,000+ arcade tickets this week and got 200 toys, and donated them to St Vincent De Paul for their Christmas Angel Toy program. Here are Local 12's (Cincinnati CBS affiliate) two stories chronicling five-year-old Geneva's toy donation efforts: Thank you for considering featuring her in any way. She truly is a generous and wonderful child, and maybe sharing her endeavor can get other parents and kids to think differently about how to approach the holiday season. - Chuck Sambuchino (513-827-1580)