The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Erik Eoin Barber

Nominated by Shane Whited
May 04, 2020
Erik Barber, is a Influencer he is a famous Tiktoker and Twitch streamer. I haven’t know Erik for that long but Before I met him I was in a Very dark place and felt like I was just a waste of space. Until I met Erik, He always says To his Fans Stay Strong Stay Happy. This phrase means To Keep your hopes up and remember that You are not a Waste and that you mean something, it means to stay strong mentally and Keep a positive attitude. I don’t know where I would be without Erik, he has been such a positive influence on my life and he is a genuine good person that Helps everyone he can. Erik Is growing to be more successful everyday, He deserves this award primarily because he is a real superhero in a World that lacks good people such as Erik Barber.