The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Elva Green

Nominated by tracy lamourie
October 05, 2020
In her 70s,, Elva Green is brilliant and vibrant, passionate about her research and her work and the people she writes about. Today she is working on her second book (about the history of the TV show The Jeffersons)... but it is her close family connection to the truly iconic subject of her awardwinning first book - her father, EDDIE GREEN - a legendary American entertainer of stage, screen and song whose star rose more than a century ago in 1918 (he was the songwriter who wrote the still relevant A Good Man Is Hard To Find. His career continued to blossom through the 20s, 30s, 40s - Amos And Andy, he owned radio stations, was a peer of Lena Horne and Louis Armstrong. His work impacted the culture in ways we still feel in 2020. And though Elva was so young when the legend died that she can't really remember him, her book tells the intimate story of Green's travels through the early entertainment landscape. This important book is in the library of congress