The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin

Nominated by Tracy Lamourie
May 13, 2020
Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, a celebrity psychoanalyst specializing in weight, food and body image issues, is a thought leader in the field of eating psychology. Author of the important new book “THE BINGE CURE : 7 Steps To Outsmart Emotional Eating” and Host of her own show on LA Talk Radio, Dr. Nina has also appeared in media across America (Dr Drew, Psychology Today, The Los Angeles Times, Prevention, Real Simple, Redbook, Huffington Post, Beverly Hills Times with her important message : If you’re trying to lose weight by dieting : you’re doing it wrong. “Women are up against a $60 billion diet industry that thrives on selling people a new diet all the time. - and diets never work in the long run!” says Dr. Nina in what some might think is a surprising statement from a celebrity psychoanalyst whose book is called “The Binge Cure” - but it’s the second part of that book’s title that holds the secret (or secrets!) “7 Steps To Outsmart Emotional Eating”. Those steps, as shared by Dr. Nina, are changing the lives of women around the world. Teaching readers these steps, they learn to “crack the code of emotional eating, identify their hidden binge triggers, and create permanent, sustainable weight loss with truly effective strategies - allowing them to break through their emotional hunger to satisfy their real cravings,and truly comfort themselves - without food–empowering them to break the binge-diet cycle once and for all. In a nutshell, the Doctor says, “It’s NOT what you’re eating - it’s what’s eating you!” . And with so many women alone at home, experiencing stress of all kinds - from loneliness to worries about finances to empty hours filled with depressing, self defeating thoughts, Dr. Nina says, she felt compelled to do something to help. So she reached out to one of the most inspiring people she knew, Kelley Gunter, the internationally acclaimed author of the compelling memoir “YOU HAVE SUCH A PRETTY FACE.” Gunter, who also describes herself as a “survivor, emotional warrior, connoisseur of comfort food,” says that her “painful journey to find peace and self-worth began with a 243-pound weight loss, included many dark moments of despair, and eventually brought me to my knees.” In a message that is particularly resonant in these trying times, Gunter says in the introduction to her story on her homepage, “When the world says, ‘give up,’ Hope whispers,‘try it one more time.'” Dr. Nina says, “I first met Kelley when she came to L.A. from Ohio to be on my radio show, where she shared her transformative journey from self-loathing to self-acceptance. She inspired me with her courage, insight, wisdom, and humor. When this pandemic hit, I knew she was the perfect person to team up with. The fact that diets never work is a key point in her memoir - her inspiring story really illustrates what I want my readers to understand! Together they started the BINGE FREE BABES MORE ABOUT THE BINGE-FREE BABES PROJECT : More about Dr. Nina :