The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Darnish Amraz

Nominated by Asma manzoor
November 13, 2021
Darnish has worked really hard through out the years helping young people in Birmingham make the right choices in life, he has mentored young people involved in Guns and gangs, county lines, anti social behaviour and young people involved in Knife crime, he has spent unsociable hours going to young people’s houses talking to young people when he has got calls from parents, relatives, community projects, myself and faith based projects charity projects, he has delivered various life skills workshops out of working hours to young people and sacrificed his weekends to get a positive message across. He has worked the streets and gone into areas identified as high risk by West Midlands police and has worked with young people on their grounds building a relationship with them helping them get into employment education and training, an example of his work involves getting one young person join the police force one become a social worker and has encourage young people to raise their voice around making change. Stop and search harassment has been really big in the areas Darniah has worked and young people wanted their voices heard and make change, he got the most difficult to reach young people to sit on the panel and work with police when others failed, this was due to the relationship and trust he has build with young people and respect he has earned, Darnish has gone out on the streets and engaged with young people who do not attend any youth provision and has worked and beloved within them , he has helped most with their cv’s and helped them join a employment agencies something they did not know how do, he has held regular workshops with the career service on helping them understand what a good cv is and what to say when invited to work interviews