The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Dale Kirkhus

Nominated by Ray Culos
September 06, 2018
Dale Kirkhus epitomizes the values and characteristics of an individual for whom the Awesome Award was intended. His life’s journey as a spirited and successful entrepreneur, a loving family man and a truly remarkable friend attests to the appropriateness of honouring him with such an accolade. On October 31 st ,1942, the Kirkhus family arrived to their new home near the Charles and Nanaimo neighbourhood of Vancouver East. Early that evening, Dale met his first new friend, Bernie Sandberg with whom he accompanied on his ‘Trick or Treat’ run. Dale six and Bernie, about a year and a half older, instantly became friends and have remained close to this day. Dale’s friendships grew exponentially starting with boys living within the vicinity of his home followed by teammates on the Clinton Park Beavers Football Team. Over the years, he acquired a host of additional friends including fellow students at Lord Nelson, Templeton and Vancouver Technical schools plus those he met as a Sun newspaper carrier. These contemporaries, however, became less active and engaging during the years between end-of-school, initial career building and growing-family responsibilities. During this period, it seemed as if they would come together all too often on sad occasions only. At the funeral service of a friend’s spouse, Dale was prompted to say, “We’re meeting for all the wrong reasons.” Therein was founded the Clinton Park Beavers Group, an identity coined by Marvin Storrow. Under Dale’s leadership the Beavers have met for lunch monthly, with few exceptions, over the past 30 years. In celebrating special occasions, Dale has organized and often sponsored, golf and bocce tournaments, picnics at his home and an annual pre-Christmas luncheon thus effectively preserving the collective memories, history and unique comradery of his friends-for-life. We heartily endorse Dale’s nomination for the Awesome Award primarily because he has consistently dared to pursue the extraordinary in all things awesome.