The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Cynthia Allen

Nominated by Tonya Totten
November 20, 2018
Miss Allen has been amazing to me and to my children since the first day I met her. She is a social worker at the Stafford County District Headstart program. She ALWAYS goes above and beyond her job titles expectations! The past couple years were very tough for me. I was working full time as an LPN at a Skilled Nursing Facility and going to college full time to obtain my Registered Nursing degree. For the 2 years it required to further my education, Miss Allen frequently called and made visits to make sure the children weren’t in need of anything. She would call just to check on my well being also and offered all types of assistance as well as encouragement to push through hard times to reach my ultimate goal. She was able to help my children receive jackets for the winter, presents at Christmas, we received a dinner for the holidays and she even provided me with programs to help single parents buy their first home. This year I volunteered to work on Thanksgiving as our facility is short staffed at this time. My children were not going to have a holiday dinner. Miss Allen jumped into action as she always does! And I received a holiday dinner to cook the day before thanksgiving so that my children wouldn’t miss out! My children no longer go to headstart and she still calls to check on us and always offers assistance if ever needed! This past summer a tree fell on my mother’s home and she lost almost everything. As soon as Miss Allen heard she had people showing up to help left and right. Gift cards. Food. Free assistance with Hotel room funds to have somewhere to stay until her home was repaired if it even could be. Clothes were showing up in boxes. The Red Cross even got involved. This woman is absolutely amazing in so many ways! She is the most caring and giving person that I have ever met! If anybody deserves to be appreciated and recognized for their heart and hard work, it is her!!! I hope she can just have a day to feel appreciated and know that she is loved and that those she helps are deeply grateful!!