The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Colin Hodgkiss

Nominated by Martina
November 12, 2017
I have never met anyone like him.. he is 100% my guardian angel. I suffer with a chronic condition narcolepsy and cataplexy which has a massive impact on my daily living. I have uncontrollable bouts of sleep episodes, daily fatigue and cataplexy, which is a sudden loss of muscle tone or posture. Ranging from a slight head drop to a full body attack causing Me to temporarily be parrallised on the floor. This man has kept me living. He is a black cab driver in Eccles and always goes above and beyond his duties. You would expect a cab driver to do the odd carrying of a bag,helping someone into the cab in a push chair or wheel chair. But giving previous experiences this isn't always the case. He doesn't think twice to carry bags of shopping or anything else straight to the passengers front door to save them running back and forth. The ramp for disabled access usually becomes problematic with some drivers as they have to manually pull out the ramp and then help the passenger safely into the cab. Taking his daily work out of the equation he is basically my carer. He just does not get paid for it. As well as the narcolepsy I also suffer with concealed depression, I will never ask for help of any sort. My condition will not allow me to. I will sit and do without anything and everything I need. Food, electric,gas any daily basic need I will shut out and ignore. But this guy picks me up everytime. He buys me food shopping, he drives Me to and from work, he makes home made meals and brings me them,he helps me out with the dog, he is always dipping into his pocket giving me hand outs and making sure I am not going without. Without a doubt I do not know where I would be today without this guy. Unfortunately I fall into the group of people who was taken off disability living allowance to change over to personal independece payment. Well after receiving disability from being 16 years old to then be told I am no longer eligible because of a points scoring system in which I was 1 point short of being granted the lowest rate. This was a smack in the face because I was now deemed fit for work. I had a 10 year wait for my diagnosis as narcolepsy and cataplexy are under reconized and regularly mis diagnosed. I was lucky enough to find a personal assistant job for a lady. I have worked for 3 years now with no help from the social. Just floating by on a 14 hour a week wage, which is paid monthly. I can't even list how much colin has helped me along the way. The list is endless. For the rest of my life I will be forever grateful to him. If I had the funds to buy him an island it still wouldn't be enough for him. He deserves the whole world. I could never repay him for all he has done for me and my pooch. He is my superstar!!