The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Christi sabatka

Nominated by Marsha Corsiatto
December 28, 2021
Christi is my PT she’s so sweet and kind person and I go to her for a medical problem that no other doctors could ever figure out how to help me. My problem has been going on now since 2006 and another doctor had sent me over to see her saying that she was the best and she could help me. To be honest my problem is that I can’t have a bowl movement like a normal person I may go once out of the month and she’s helping me when she could have just have given up on me like all the other doctors have, and just give me something to go to the bathroom and say good luck. I had two major back surgeries 2005 2006 and Christi believes that may have something to do with my bowls so she’s working on my back, and she’s not giving up on me until she helps me go like a normal person. That’s why I want to Nominate Christi for helping me and not giving up on me like she could have but she hasn’t and I’m very grateful for that and for her too.