The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Chris Torretto

Nominated by Claire TORRETTO
August 30, 2017
Hello. My name is Claire Torretto I am nominating my husband Chris Torretto. He has a back story that has pushed him and has inspired others. Christopher is an actor from the United Kingdom and honestly myself and a lot of others believe he is the one to watch coming up in the acting world. He has worked harder than anyone he has completed 26 films in 16 months and been cast in a major tv drama series in LA and also a lead role in a horror there too. The fact he has managed to do this in just over a year shows his ambition his talent and his drive and thats why i believe he should be on the ones to watch list of successful people. His life is not like many other actors. Christopher grew up in a rough town but in an even tougher home. He suffered severe abuse as a child and later became homeless as a teenager. He slept rough and couch surfed for many years. Then when he finally got on his feet and was doing well he was brutally attacked and robbed in 2011 and left for dead. This was a severe physical attack but effected him more mentally than physically . He suffered from severe fear of leaving home which effected him for over a year. But just over 16 months ago now he got into acting with no experience of it and has been doing unbelievable things . He was completing films constantly and even left myself and our children for weeks to travel from the top to the bottom of Britain and slept in his car for weeks just to get roles. His determination and everything he has endured is motivation and inspiration to others. As I say he's completed 26 films and got himself cast for projects in Los Angeles and he did this all himself with no agent. He will be moving to LA soon and I thought his story one of great ambition and courage which deserves to be aware.