The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Chelsea atgerton

Nominated by Amy Harper
December 20, 2016
Chelsea has had her own issues this year yet when my friend stacie had her life crumble around her (stacie lost everything she owned in the yarloop fire, had her temporary home broken into twice, lost her gran, almost lost her dad and her brother) Chelsea stepped up to help her through, not only emotionally but also physically. Then when stacies gran was dying she made sure that stacie was able to go and say goodbye. Chelsea also stepped up for me personally. My mum died suddenly September. Mum was my rock and strengh while i was going through hell and she was my best friend. In the weeks leading up to mums death Chelsea was my biggest support emotionally. On the day my mum died chelsea not only stepped up to make sure my son could attend his soccer wind up (our children play on the same team) she also took my daughter at the same time. She then took my children home to her house, feed them, bathed them and looked after them so i could be with my mum in her final moments. She then helped me sit my children down to tell them thier nan had died. Chelsea had only known my children and I 6 months by this point. Since then Chelsea has been a rock for both stacie and I and we can never thank her enough for her support. It never matters what chelsea has going on in her own life - she will step up to help anyone who needs it. The photo is of the 3 of us at Chelsea 30th birthday party in october 😊