The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Caroline Chojnacki

Nominated by Lani Brunn
April 24, 2016
Caroline is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses her skills to bring gorgeous music to the world. In addition to her own music, her training at Capilano University and her release of professional albums, she has encouraged the music in those who are vulnerable. I had the honour of volunteering with Caroline as she ran open mic nights at different homeless shelters for over four years around Vancouver. During these evenings, she encouraged anyone with musical ability to share their gift with the room. It always amazed me, the healing, confidence and joy it would bring people. For a few minutes they didn’t have to worry about survival, or were they would live. Instead, they laughed, they sang along and space was made for everyone. In between shelter guests, Caroline would sing about hope, love and the courage to overcome. I remember one moment, as she played an old man who spent many years living under a bridge, began to weep. A shelter staff person, held him as the music swept over him, and he remembered the hard moments while experiencing compassion in the present one. Music is a powerful gift that brings healing, confidence and joy. We recommend Caroline as a recipient of The Awesome Award for bringing these gifts to Vancouver through her music. Her professional albums, her learning at Capilano University and using her music to make Vancouver a better place make her as an excellent choice for this award.