The Awesome Awards - Nominations


Nominated by Tracy Lamourie
May 14, 2020
COUNT KLASSY is an incredible, new age hip hop artist about to burst onto the scene in a big way - with compelling, original music that grabs the listener and gets them grooving before they even realize they are experiencing history. Yes, this talented artist, a proud member of Canada's LGBTQ community - truly is breaking barriers, helping to smash homophobia in hip hop with his genre busting album (to include guest vocals from Canadian rap star Choclair and the legendary California rapper Tone Loc), coming soon. Launching out of Toronto, a city that has become known as a true musical hub full of unique talents, COUNT KLASSY is no stranger to the fame game. The artist spent some time in Los Angeles as a ghostwriter and social media expert working closely with Grammy-Award winning musicians and moves in a world of celebrities. Bobby Berk of Netflix' Queer Eye is an enthusiastic fan and recently released a video in support of COUNT KLASSY'S work. Industry watchers who have heard COUNT KLASSY's latest - though signed to strict NDA's not to release any information before the highly anticipated public performance of the new music at the upcoming Toronto launch party, say COUNT KLASSY is poised to become Canada's next superstar.