The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Ashley Danielle Benton

Nominated by Latoya Anderson
April 13, 2017
Ashley has been feeding the homeless for five years! She has went from feeding 18 people each week to over hundreds a week! She does this selflessly while taking care of an epileptic child and working. She is the most caring person. She has helped many go from homeless to having their own home. Ashley is always making sure others are cared for. She has had major recognition from celebrities and has even met Oprah Winfrey and been a featured OWNer on Oprah's website. Ashley created a nonprofit that is so unique from others. She hires a live DJ to throw block parties for the homeless and she also makes Easter Baskets for children in domestic violence shelters. Please visit her website at and her social media pages The Green Team Helping Hands. She is an ordinary person doing extraordinary things!