The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Anthony Ly

Nominated by Kevin Slavin Jr.
September 29, 2019
I would like to nominate my amazing, beautiful husband Anthony! We have been married for over a year now and I’ve truly never met anyone so giving and so generous in my life! I feel so fortunate that our paths crossed in December 2014 when we met! At that time, I was a single dad to my son Sebastian, who has special needs. Sebastian is different from most kids as he is nonverbal, uses a wheelchair and has other medical needs. And while Anthony and I hit it off right away when we met, and I thought he was just terrific, I was nervous when he met Sebastian that he would not be up for dating a man with a child with such complex needs. However, he met Sebastian and embraced him with open arms! He bought him a stuffed Rudolph reindeer that sang as a gift to him when meeting him! After a few dates that we had, Anthony came over and even helped me with Sebastian’s needs even when I told him he did not have to do that and I didn’t expect that from him. But he insisted on helping me! Our relationship grew stronger and so did his relationship with Sebastian! And here we are! He constantly continues to put his own needs aside for me, Sebastian, as well as many others who have crossed our path since we have been a couple. His generosity knows no bounds as when he has been in times where he has struggled himself, he would still give to others and help people in any way he can and he continues to do this! I was so beyond grateful that he has come into our lives! He has been a beyond incredible father to Sebastian and incredible husband and his generosity towards others never ends! But he himself does not recognize how amazing he is, which is why I write this and nominate him for this award. I love him so much and am beyond blessed to have met him and even more blessed to have him as part of our family!