The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Anne Dox

Nominated by Haleigh Switzer
December 02, 2020
The person I am nominating for the awesome award is Anne Dox. I know her because she is my mema. (grandma) While this probably sounds bias know that you heard shes related to me, it really is not. I am not nominating her for just being a good mema or whatever, I am nominating her because she is a Community Organizer who uses teaching as a tool to organize people in NYS. So, she teaches adults in group gatherings all around New York State. She is all about kindness, helping the world and making sure that people are good. She teaches people who respect and look up to her. People in her classes and organizations have drawn pictures of her and repeatedly told her just how much they are grateful for her. Another thing that also inspires me and makes me feel proud of her is that she has led and organized many many protests in her life. Peaceful of course and with kind words because that is just the type of person she is. She has protested against war, The Vietnam Conflict, she has also protested against The Murphy Bill that was proposed (and failed) in congress. But, her most important protest (to her) that she has always talked about was in New York State against ECT treatments for children called electroconvulsive therapy. To add on to this already greatness, she organized both The Murphy Bill and ECT treatments for children protests by her self. But, even on top of all the peace and good she spreads, she fights her own battles. She has type 2 diabetes, has severe genetic back problems, has lung problems from earlier years of failure during sickness and is a smoker. Going back to the mema thing, she is also the best mema ever an as the most love for all her grandchildren and children that you have ever seen. Anne dox is an outstanding citizen and peaceful activist who deserves a really great moment from people outside of her family to tell her how amazing she is. This is why I nominate her for the awesome award.