The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Andrea Meharg

Nominated by Lamourie MEDIA
November 22, 2020
Andrea Meharg says it all started with a bag of cannabis. These days, she is a powerhouse leader in the legal Canadian cannabis space as the head of Reveal Cannabis, a consultancy service where she coaches individuals and business on all aspects of the plant, educates and conducts workshjops, but she says the career trajectory was an unexpected one. She had some personal challenges in 2016, took stress leave, and was still having a difficult time. She says it all changed that Christmas when afriend gifted her with a baggie full of the green. “My friend was sick of seeing me struggle to get back to my old self. A long-time pot-smoker, she knew the power of the plant and thought it would help. Immediately, cannabis allowed me to let go of my anxious thoughts, relieve my depression and focus in on what was important in my life. I got down on the floor and played with my boys and reconnected on a deep level with my husband. With the mind-opening help of cannabis, I began examining how I was living.” Implementing changes that made a huge personal difference, she felt compelled to make it a career, guiding others through some of what she had learned. She joined the Cannabis Coaching Institute and became a certified Cannabis Coach. Now, she says, “I’m taking care of my body, nourishing my soul and tuning in to how I want to live my life. And that changes everything. So that’s my story - Less than a year after receiving a bag of weed as a gift, my life is almost unrecognizable. And now it’s my mission to teach the world how cannabis can help them live a happier, healthier life.” Find her at :