The Awesome Awards - Nominations

Amanda Barnes and Holly Ziemba

Nominated by Brenda Kamphuis
March 10, 2020
Both of my daughter care greatly about there community and the people in it. They are the current organizers of the Muskegon pub pedal and work tirelessly to organize and find a family in need of help. They also own a photo booth that they use to promote funds for pet shelter, senior home events, raising funds for many causes!!!! Along with all of this they have full time/or jobs. Also have children in sports and take care of households, pets. Holly owns her own frame shop business but still works for Wesco corporate offices. And is also in prodded of publishing her book of poems. And is very passionate about her helping the community as well as her sister Amanda. So proud of both of them and think they are great candidates for the awesome award!!!!!!