The Awesome Awards - Share Your Experience
Presented To:
Brian Postewaite
Presented By: Nelson Borges
Sycamore Award
May 29, 2013
Vancouver , Canada
It is such an honor to to be a inaugural recipient of the Awesome (Sycamore) award. Mostly because people in my community to the time to appreciate my contribution. It makes me want to keep going. Our work at Mission Possible is not always easy. When it pays offer it is simply glorious, but some days it's stinking hard. But when your neighbors take notice and want to give you a high five and a slap on the back you are ready to climb a higher mountain.

I'm so proud to be entrusted with this award. Any awesomeness (is that a word?) that I may possess is because so many awesome people have taken time to invest their life in me. I look forward to passing it along to the next "even Awesomer" (definitely not a word) recipient.